Moscow, 2015



The topics of my installations, interventions and performances emerge from a dialogue with the environment or/and with different groups of people. The special character of my projects is frequently influenced by found objects or materials. Their characteristics, texture and language determines the way my artistic intentions are directed. Therefore, some of the projects partially invent themselves. Chance plays an important role as well as the stories and characters of people or literary works. I create interventions in public space by interacting with the participants and local history. This process follows its own inner logic. Many forms of expression are possible. I consider it a crossover between visual art and research.

During the last years, my work found recognition in national and international exhibitions and projects. I was invited to collaborate with several international educational and cultural institutions. My artwork has been shown in Italy, Morocco, Czech Republic, Russia, Namibia, Vietnam, Romania, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland as well as in different cities in Germany.